Introducing Specialist in Neurology Päivi Hartikainen

Introducing Specialist in Neurology Päivi Hartikainen

Specialist in Neurology, PhD, Adjunct Professor Päivi Hartikainen works at Kuopio University Hospital as Service Line Director and Chief Medical Officer of the Department of Neurology at KUH. Her research interest focuses on neuroimmunology, brain degeneration, movement disorders and muscle diseases, and multiple sclerosis. Particularly, rare diseases are objects of interest. “I am a hands-on clinician inspired by research,” describes Päivi her research role. “In research, I am motivated by the possibility of more accurate diagnosis and the introduction of new research information for the benefit of patients.”

Throughout his career, Päivi has considered it important to combine research work with clinical patient work. “The research enables networking, the development of one’s own clinical skills and versatile maintenance,” she describes. Päivi collaborates with PhD researchers and junior colleagues enthusiastically.

Päivi is a participant in several research projects related to multiple sclerosis and the National Multiple Disease Treatment Registry. In the spring of 2022, the Registry for the Treatment of Movement Disorders was also introduced, in which Päivi has played an active role in development. In the study of muscular diseases, she works closely with Tampere University Hospital. Päivi also serves in the delegation of the Finnish Brain Foundation.

“The close cooperation between the university hospital and the university makes it possible to carefully plan research projects, high-quality implementation and multidisciplinary competence channelling into clinical work,” she summarizes. Strengthening of data protection in research has been more laborious than expected and changes have been rapid.

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