Eino Solje starts as director of the Brain Research Unit of the University of Eastern Finland

Eino Solje starts as director of the Brain Research Unit of the University of Eastern Finland

Eino Solje, MD, Adjunct Professor, Specialist in Neurology, started on 2 January 2023 as director of the Brain Research Unit of the University of Eastern Finland. The unit focuses on clinical research involving patients and healthy subjects and aiming at new solutions for the prevention, diagnostics and treatment of brain diseases.

Eino Solje has previously served as research director at the University of Eastern Finland, as a visiting researcher at the University of Brescia in Italy and as a medical doctor at the Kuopio University Hospital Neurocenter. He has received the Martti Hämäläinen Award in 2022 and awarded as Young Clinical Researcher of the Year in 2021.

The Brain Research Unit of the University of Eastern Finland, operating in the Institute of Clinical Medicine, conducts high-quality clinical academic research and clinical trials on pharmaceuticals and medical devices, as well as cooperation with local, Finnish, and international research groups and the pharmaceutical industry. Biomarker studies and clinical trials of neurodegenerative diseases and cerebrovascular disorders are the competence areas of the unit. The unit also has the capacity to study the genetic background, risk factors and mechanisms of disease and to provide pharmaceutical research services to the international and domestic pharmaceutical industry from the clinic to molecular biology. The Brain Research Unit plays a key role in providing research, development and innovation services and infrastructure, and as an enabler of high-quality research in brain health. The Brain Research Unit is one of the key infrastructures of the UEF’s neuroscience research community, as well as Kuopio Brain & Mind network and the national and international network of Neurocenter Finland.

“UEF Brain Research Unit has a unique over 20-year experience in clinical trials and active national and international cooperation networks. High-quality research is guaranteed by committed and highly specialized top-level professionals in clinical studies,” says Eino Solje.

In his own research, Solje is particularly concerned with progressive memory disorders among working age people. He is also a member of the FinFTD research network focusing on frontal lobe dementias. He is currently leading research projects aimed at developing new diagnostic tools such as blood and cerebrospinal biomarkers and extracranial magnetic stimulation. In addition, he studies the effect of noninvasive transcranial alternating current stimulation on neurodegenerative disorders.

As director of the Brain Research Unit, Solje brings along his own international cooperation networks into the unit. He continues to work part time at the Kuopio University Hospital memory clinic, while also leading his own research group. “This combination makes seamless cooperation both regionally and globally feasible,” says Solje.

“The Brain Research Unit is an extremely important resource for the development of neurosciences in Kuopio. We aim to increase our previously active clinical research in such a way that patients requiring more intensive diagnostics and treatment are mainly involved in the studies at the KUH Neurocenter of the North Savo Wellbeing Services County, whereas studies involving patients already past the intensive diagnostic and treatment phase are carried out in the UEF Brain Research Unit. We are about to launch a development project in which the focus is on further streamlining the cooperation between KUH and UEF,” says Professor Reetta Kälviäinen, chair of neurology at the UEF.


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