Introducing Research Manager Elsa Paronen

Elsa Paronen, Ph.D., works at the University of Eastern Finland. She is the director of the Department of Health and Social Management, the coordinator of the Effectiveness of Social and Health... Read more


Introducing Neurosurgery Specialist Jukka Huttunen

Adjunct professor Jukka Huttunen works as a specialist in neurosurgery and head physician of the department at Kuopio University Hospital (KUH) Neurosurgery. He leads the Pain Neuromodulation... Read more


Introducing Neurosurgeon and Post-Doctoral Researcher Henna-Kaisa Jyrkkänen

M.Sc., Ph.D Henna-Kaisa Jyrkkänen works at Kuopio University Hospital as a neurosurgeon and post-doctoral researcher in the Pain Neuromodulation research group. The team led by docent Jukka Huttunen... Read more


Introducing Kuopio Health Ecosystem

Kuopio Brain & Mind is part of the Kuopio Health Ecosystem - We Empower Innovators! Kuopio Health Ecosystem Map is a visualization of key organizations in Kuopio Health innovation ecosystem in... Read more


Introducing Postdoctoral Researcher Paavo Vartiainen

Postdoctoral researcher Paavo Vartiainen works in the projects of the Biosignal Analysis and Medical Imaging (BSAMIG) research group in the Department of Applied Physics of the University of Eastern... Read more


Introducing Senior Specialist, Associate Chief Physician Anne-Mari Kantanen

Anne-Mari Kantanen, Senior Specialist, works at the University of Eastern Finland as the Coordinator of Specialized Physician Training and the University Hospital of Kuopio as the Associate Chief... Read more


Introducing Postdoctoral Researcher Katrina Räty

Ph.D. (pharmacology) Katrina Räty is working in the Human Brain Disease Modelling Research Group (Lehtonen Lab) at the A.I. Virtanen Institute at the University of Eastern Finland. The research... Read more


Introducing Senior Researcher Anna Rosenberg

Anna Rosenberg, PhD, is working as a researcher in the UEF — Nordic-UK Brain Network research group at the University of Eastern Finland. Also, she is a Senior Researcher at the Finnish... Read more


Introducing Research Director Sanna-Kaisa Herukka

Specializing doctor Sanna-Kaisa Herukka, PhD in neurosciences, directs the Biomarker Laboratory of the Brain Research Unit at the University of Eastern Finland and works in the Neurology Clinic at... Read more