Introducing Research Director Jukka Jolkkonen

Introducing Research Director Jukka Jolkkonen

Research Director Jukka Jolkkonen works in the Cerebrovascular Disorders and Stroke Recovery  as well as Neuroinflammation research groups at the University of Eastern Finland. Jukka also serves as coordinator of the Metabolic Diseases Research Community. His research career is remakable and he has contributed to the growth story of neurosciences in our region. “Stroke research has advanced the development of the translational profile of our campus,” explains Jukka. Research done at the UEF has been presented internationally at the Kuopio Stroke Symposiums since 1999.    

The next XXII Nordic Stroke Society Congress 2023 ( will be held in Kuopio 21–23 August 2023. Jukka serves as scientific secretary of the organizing committee. Kuopio Stroke Symposium is held in tides with Kuopio Alzheimer Symposium and Kuopio Epilepsy Symposium.  Neurocenter Finland and Kuopio Brain & Mind are collaboration partners of the events.   


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