Introducing Associate Professor Tero Montonen

Introducing Associate Professor Tero Montonen

Associate Professor of Innovation Management Tero Montonen works at the Business School at the University of Eastern Finland and co-leads the Neuro-impact and innovation (NOVA) research team. “My research focuses on how multidisciplinary brain health research and its various research networks are coordinated, organized, and managed. A part of my research is also targeted on the innovation and wider societal impact of brain health research. I am a member of the neuroscience research community, NEURO RC, which has enabled concrete multidisciplinary cooperation around the research topic”, describes Tero.

“Our team also examines collaboration with different stakeholders in the context of brain health research, such as companies, public and third sector actors and patients. Collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders and disciplines is of particular interest to our research team. The NOVA Research Team produces new knowledge on processes, practices, and results of sustainable and responsible collaboration. “We are interested in how collaboration between different actors is organized and managed to promote lifelong brain health”, he adds.

Tero acts as a supervisor for doctoral researchers and participates in the Neuro-Innovation programme, which is a multidisciplinary doctoral programme for brain health innovation funded by EU Horizon 2020 MSCA at the University of Eastern Finland. He also leads the HIWE project, funded by Business Finland, in which he studies work and entrepreneurship of high-skilled internationals in health, pharma, ICT and engineering sectors. The project is carried out together with the Turku School of Economics, University of Turku. “The need for international talent has been widely identified in various areas in our society, ranging from academic research to the well-being of our citizens. However, the discussion lacks a comprehensive understanding how international talent experience work and entrepreneurship in Finland. It is essential to examine whether the current innovation policy and practical measures respond to the challenges that international talent feel important to themselves”, Tero describes.

“Neurocenter Finland is a new and important intermediary organization offering opportunities for collaboration between research and stakeholders”, says Tero.


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