Introducing – North Savo rehabilitation services knowledge and business network (KUNTOS)

Introducing – North Savo rehabilitation services knowledge and business network (KUNTOS)

The aim of the North Savo rehabilitation services knowledge and business network (KUNTOS) project is to create a strong network of regional rehabilitation experts in North Savo. The duration of the project is 1.9.2020 – 31.5.2023 and its main implementer is Live Foundation. Co-implementers are Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Savo Vocational College, and Kuopio Research Institute of Exercise Medicine (KuLTu). Kuopio University Hospital (KUH), Neurocenter Finland, Talentree, Aducate and Tukipilari are participating in expert roles. The project is funded by the Ely Centre of South Savo from the European Social Fund (ESF).

The aim the project is to produce an effective model and network of rehabilitation services in the region of North Savo to promote educational competence. The customer-oriented and digital operating model developed in the project responds to critical challenges regarding services, resources, and accessibility of customers in the region of North Savo. The aim of the model is to bring much-needed skilled social and health care professionals to the North Savo region. “Model strengthens the competitiveness of social and health care services in the region, improves regional visibility, creates an impressive network for sharing rehabilitation skills, coordinates and develops training models, business models, tools and methods for state-of-art rehabilitation skills”, says Development Director Jori Reijula, Live Foundation. In addition, the project improves transparency for rehabilitation services and their producers and facilitates customer guidance.

“KUNTOS project’s main training themes are related to institutional and home rehabilitation of cerebrovascular disorder, cardiac rehabilitation and a comprehensive understanding of the customers and elderly needs in order to support the functional ability in everyday life”, says Reijula. “We produce fully digital training modules that are easily accessible to any interested person with a mobile device, such as a computer or tablet, with online connection. We have already completed the first piloted versions of all training packages. Once experts and students have been able to comment on them, we will develop them further based on the feedback. We believe that at the end of the project we have six interesting, attractive, and educational training packages.”

Kuopio Brain & Mind is the member of the KUNTOS project steering group.


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