Introducing PhD Researcher Kaisa Näkki 

Introducing PhD Researcher Kaisa Näkki 

Kaisa Näkki (attorney-at-law, trained on the bench, LL.M) is a PhD Student and member of Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration and Early Onset Dementia and Neuro-Ethics and Law Research Teams at the University of Eastern Finland. The title of her multidisciplinary, empirical doctoral thesis is ”The many faces of dementia – A research of assessing the need of legal guardians”. 

The background of the research topic is based on Kaisa’s experiences as a process trustee for people with memory disorder. The wide range of symptoms associated with memory disorders often results in the need for the trusteeship. “The aim of my research is to improve the equal treatment and legal security of memory disorder patients by harmonizing the official practices of the Digital and Population Agency and the courts in issues of trusteeship. The aim of my work is to contribute to the clarification of the content of the medical statements from a legal point of view and to effect on the harmonization of their legal assessment”, describes Kaisa. 

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(Photo: Kaisa Näkki’s home album, photographer Mirja Näkki)