Introducing Postdoctoral Researcher Paavo Vartiainen

Introducing Postdoctoral Researcher Paavo Vartiainen

Postdoctoral researcher Paavo Vartiainen works in the projects of the Biosignal Analysis and Medical Imaging (BSAMIG) research group in the Department of Applied Physics of the University of Eastern Finland. The research group develops and maintains HUMEA Laboratory, which consists of laboratory facilities as well as mobile measuring instruments and methods. “I am working in several studies, where my focus is on analysis of kinematics, muscle activation, and muscle and joint loading of subjects”, says Paavo. “I often carry out technical preparation of measuring instruments, recording, processing and analysis of measuring data in studies. The best thing about my work is when something meaningful is extracted from the data analysis, such as demonstrating the impact of assistive tools on occupational ergonomics or when the athlete receives information to tune their training program.”   

The HUMEA Laboratory is an open laboratory environment where RDI projects are carried out in collaboration with researchers from the Department of Medicine’s Biomedical Unit of exercise and sports medicine and various collaborators. HUMEA Lab includes a motion lab, a physiology lab, a development environment for robotic-assisted rehabilitation and TMS navigation, and a driving simulation environment. Mechanics and electronics workspaces are also available.  

“My tasks include working on development and investment projects, working on lab measurements, supervising doctoral dissertations and other theses, as well as research such as the rehabilitation for stroke (i.e. cerebrovascular accident) patient in a virtual environment. I also work as a project planner for the Experts in Medical Computing program,” Paavo describes.    

“The rehabilitation of stroke in sub-acute phase in a virtual environment and robot-assisted upper limb rehabilitation methods are examples of our neuroscientific research activities,” says Paavo. The group has also studied the role of dance in rehabilitation after stroke and implemented dance 3d animation and sonification of movement methods in collaboration with Kuopio Dance Festival organization.    

The BSAMIG research group’s work has been an important part of the background of three local companies, Kubios Oy, Heart2Save Oy and Adamant Health Oy.  


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