Introducing Professor of Management Päivi Eriksson

Introducing Professor of Management Päivi Eriksson

Professor Päivi Eriksson from the Business School at the University of Eastern Finland leads the Neuro-Impact and Innovation (NOVA) research team in the Innovation Management (INNO) research group and coordinates the international Neuro-Innovation doctoral programme. In addition, Päivi Eriksson is involved in the interdisciplinary neuroscience research community, NEURO RC, and is a member of the regional steering group of the Neurocenter Finland Kuopio Brain & Mind network. “I study and teach topics related to organizations and management, innovation and renewal, collaborative research and societal impact of research, academic entrepreneurship, and qualitative methods”, she says.   

The research team aims to understand how brain health research can increase its societal impact and innovation outcomes, such as the provision of earlier diagnosis, novel treatment, and user-centric services in the context of precision medicine and personalized care. “Research team explores how research impact and innovation are achieved through collaborative research strategies that engage neuroscientists with their stakeholders, such as hospitals and other health care organizations, patients and patient organizations, and business companies. The team produces new knowledge on sustainable and responsible collaborative processes, practices, and outcomes, and how these are co-organized, co-managed and co-led in the context of lifelong brain health”, explains Päivi.   

“I have been working for a long time with qualitative, participatory research and now, more recently, especially with co-research. My team and I have, for example, explored different forms of co-research in Canada and studied research practices there together with patient partners. We will continue this work in a new project funded by the Academy of Finland called CO-RESEARCH, which started this autumn”, says Päivi.   

“The Neurocenter Finland provides an excellent platform for collaborating on research and Kuopio Brain & Mind brings together regional partners around brain health issues.” 


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