Introducing Research Manager Elsa Paronen

Introducing Research Manager Elsa Paronen

Elsa Paronen, Ph.D., works at the University of Eastern Finland. She is the director of the Department of Health and Social Management, the coordinator of the Effectiveness of Social and Health Services (EFFECTIVENESS) Research Community and the research manager at the House of Effectiveness cooperation network. She is also the project manager in the Feeling Good – Northern Savo ESF project at the University of Eastern Finland.    

“I am a health economist whose research interests include social and health management, fairness and decision-making in the delivery of social and health services, promoting health and well-being, and effectiveness. In addition, I am interested in research methods and theoretical approaches to the themes mentioned above,” Elsa describes. The aim of my research is to produce new information related to management and decision-making in the areas of social and health service delivery and promoting well-being at work. In addition, my research brings new information on individual, community and society factors affecting health and well-being, as well as health promotion in different age groups. “Effectiveness research is a longitudinal study and is characterized by repeating the same questions as the process or intervention progresses. This allows us to study the effectiveness of the achievements compared with baseline”, says Elsa.   

The Feeling Good – Northern Savo project aims, as an example, to examine the long-term impact of interventions carried out on mental health. The project’s co-producers are the City of Kuopio, the University of Eastern Finland, Savonia University of Applied Sciences and Humanistic University of Applied Sciences. “The research need is based on the findings of the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare. Based on morbidity indices, especially in mental health problems and substance use, there is an alarmingly big difference between Northern Savo and the rest of the country,” explains Elsa.   

Effectiveness research is an emerging interdisciplinary discipline. “Annually organized the Conference of Effectiveness Research, 4-5th October 2022, is a discussion forum for researchers and experts in wellness and health impact and anyone who feels they need the latest research data on effectiveness”, concludes Elsa. 


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