Introducing Senior Researcher Irina Gureviciene  

Introducing Senior Researcher Irina Gureviciene  

Senior Researcher Irina Gureviciene is a member of the Neurobiology of Memoryresearch group at A.I. Virtanen Institute, University of Eastern Finland. The group is led by Prof. Heikki Tanila and it is focused on the earliest pathophysiological steps of the Alzheimer’s disease process that is currently estimated to take around 20-30 years. “We are using genetically modified animal models for Alzheimer’s disease, and our aim is to understand the consequences of molecular and cellular alternations at the level of neural networks”, describes Irina. “In addition, we strive to find the effective interventions to stop the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. I have strong determination to work forward to characterized different subtypes of epileptiforms spikes and their distribution in APP/PS1 mice, what, I believe, will have huge translational value”, continues Irina.   

“I was always passionate about neuroscience”, says Irina. In addition to synaptic plasticity in animal models in Alzheimer’s disease, her areas of expertise are two-photon imaging, electrophysiology both in vitro and in vivo and microsurgery. “My main local collaborator is Prof. Olli Gröhn and his group from Kuopio Biomedical Imaging Unit. Additionally, I have collaboration with Reetta Hinttala from University of Oulu. Internationally I have collaborated with Prof. Shalom Michaeli and Prof. Sylvia Mangia at the University of Minnesota Medical School”, describes Irina. The first paper on orientation selective stimulation of the rat infralimbic cortex is currently submitted.  

“In one of our recent studies (Jin, Gureviciene et al 2022), the purpose was not only to give treatment guidelines, but also give directions to the scientific community and future clinical trials on sleep-related epileptiform activity in early-stage Alzheimer’s disease patients. Neurocenter Finland and Brain & Mind network are strengthening the community by offering a forum for also this kind of conversation”, says Irina.   


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Preclinical evaluation of drug treatment options for sleep-related epileptiform spiking in Alzheimer’s disease (Jin, Gureviciene et al 2022):  & Mikä lääkkeeksi Alzheimerin tautia sairastavien unenaikaisiin epileptisiin purkauksiin? (In Finnish)  


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