Introducing Senior Researcher Samu Kainulainen

Introducing Senior Researcher Samu Kainulainen

Senior Researcher Samu Kainulainen, Ph.D., is working in the Department of Applied Physics of the Faculty of Science and Forestry at the University of Eastern Finland. His research is targeted in medical physics, signal processing, and sleep medicine. He is the project manager for the SmartSleepLab project.   

The Sleep Technology and Analytics Research (STAR) research group is searching for solutions to diagnostic deficiencies in sleep apnoea. Solutions are sought by further examining the clinical picture of sleep apnoea more closely by using the obtained information to develop more accurate diagnostic parameters. The group also develops methods based on artificial intelligence and deep learning for the reliable and cost-effective automated analysis of polysomnography recordings. In addition, the research team is leading the Sleep Revolution Horizon 2020 project together with researchers from the University of Reykjavik.   

Samu’s research interests are specifically related to physiological changes caused by sleep apnoea and other sleep disorders and the analysis of their effects using methods of signal analytics. Samu’s research currently focuses on the link between sleep disorders and cardiovascular disease, mainly around an ECG and PPG analyst. “Signal analytics allow us to refine the assessment of the physiological load of a sleep apnoea patient during airflow limitations, the risk of arrhythmia caused by untreated sleep apnoea, and the importance of total nighttime load on the patient’s vigilance and health,” Samu says. 

The SmartSleep Lab project (ERDF, European Regional Development Fund) at the University of Eastern Finland aims to establish a research, development and innovation environment (SmartSleeb Lab) that meets national and international quality and safety requirements and is suitable for measuring sleep, vigilance and physiological signals in standardized conditions. “SmartSleep Lab RDI-environment is based on the principles of open science specializing in the measurement of sleep, vigilance and physiological signals. It will be the first non-clinical sleep laboratory in Finland. It will provide a multidisciplinary testing platform specifically for sleep research, but also links strongly to the needs of brain health research,” explains Samu. Laboratory facilities are now in construction phase, with testing and operating phases scheduled for autumn 2022. 


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