Introducing Specialist in Neurology Sakari Simula

Introducing Specialist in Neurology Sakari Simula

Specialist in neurology, PhD, docent, Sakari Simula works at Mikkeli Central Hospital, the Southern Savo Social and Healthcare Authority (Essote). He serves as assistant chief medical officer in the Neurology Polyclinic with responsibility for neuroimmunology. On 24th November 2021 Sakari was awarded the title of docent in clinical neurology by the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Eastern Finland. 

A doctoral thesis study on the regulation of the autonomic nervous system of the heart laid a strong foundation for current research interests. “I am particularly interested in the functioning of the autonomic nervous system at the neuroimmunological interface,” explains Sakari. “The topic is fascinated because it combines several regulatory mechanisms to form a holistic homeostasis of the body. With my research team, I have been able to deepen into these regulatory systems e.g. in multiple sclerosis. Presumably, the negative health effects of stress and sleep disorders can also be explained, at least in part, by the inappropriate reactions of the autonomic nervous system and the immunological system,” he elaborates. In addition, Sakari’s research interest is cerebrovascular disorders. He has been involved in the Embodetect research group, which explores the features of a cardiac embolic source as a background factor for cerebral infarction.   

“In terms of research, networking is a lifeline. The importance of the network is particularly highlighted from the central hospital level when looking at the issue. The Kuopio Brain & Mind network of the Neurocenter Finland provides an inspiring platform for it,” describes Sakari. He explains the challenges of combining clinical work with academic research. At the same time, he optimistically notes how planning and good partners are keys to the solution.   


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