Introducing University Researcher, Adjunct Professor Saara Rissanen   

Introducing University Researcher, Adjunct Professor Saara Rissanen   

University Researcher, Adjunct Professor Saara Rissanen works at the Department of Applied Physics at the Faculty of Sciences and Forestry, University of Eastern Finland. Her research related to neurophysiological measurements and motion analysis is part of the activities of the Biosignal Analysis and Medical Imaging research group (BSAMIG). The key research infra is enabled by the Human Measurement and Analysis (HUMEA) laboratory. “In research, I have focused on developing of monitoring methods to support evaluation of movement disorders, such as the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and myoclonus-epilepsies”, says Saara, who received the Adjunct Professor appointment at the beginning of 2022.

Saara works as a chief technology officer and a chief scientist in a spin-off company called Adamant Health Oy, in which she is also a co-founder. “The journey from 2005 to the present, to the stage when the research-based product is ready for market entry, has been long and extremely instructive”, says Saara. The journey has included many collaborators from the University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio University Hospital, Helsinki University Hospital and from several other national and international collaboration organizations. 

“During the Business Finland -funded Research to Business (R2B) project, we participated actively in the activities and events of the regional and the national health ecosystem with Professor Pasi Karjalainen, head of our research group. In these contexts, we got to know to the personnel and opportunities offered by Neurocenter Finland. The support included assistance in building collaborative opportunities with the Kuopio University Hospital. In addition, we participated in the pilot project of Neurocenter Finland related to quality management of medical devices”, describes Saara the collaboration with Neurocenter Finland. “As a company, we are also involved in the ERDF project, UEF Brain Research Unit 2.0, of the University of Eastern Finland, and we also actively follow the activities and news of the Kuopio Brain & Mind network with interest”, Saara concludes.  

Adamant Health — A new service for evaluation of movement disorders (Neurocenter Finland 1.11.2022):   

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