Introducing Visiting Researcher Pasi Hirvonen

Introducing Visiting Researcher Pasi Hirvonen

Pasi Hirvonen, Ph.D. (Social Psychology), has started an international postdoctoral researcher visit funded by the Finnish Work Environment Fund in early 2022. Pasi works in Bruges, Belgium, in the Unit of Non-Traditional Diplomacy (UNTRAD) program coordinated by United Nations University — Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies (UNU-CRIS) and Vrije Universiteit Brussel. In the Business School at the University of Eastern Finland, Pasi works as a researcher in the Neuro-impact and innovation research team led by Professor Päivi Eriksson and as a part-time teacher in innovation management. The research team is part of the Neuroscience Research Community (NEURO RC). “My research focuses on organizations and management, microcultures of working life, interaction and team dynamics,” summarizes Pasi.   

His project funded by the Finnish Work Environment Fund will generate new insights into how neuroscience researchers and stakeholders make sense of the involvement of citizens and patients in research work. Research methods include conversational research interviews and document data analysis. Future research will also utilize naturalistic interaction analysis. “We build up a comprehensive understanding of how social impact and innovation arises from brain health research,” says Pasi. In addition, the project aims to strengthen the international research network.   

In addition to research on stakeholder collaboration, Pasi considers international networking to be important for research community. “Building my research collaboration network might give rise to new collaboration opportunities for the actors in the Kuopio Brain & Mind network and, more broadly,  Neurocenter Finland national network,” he sums.  


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